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WinFlex Changes to Single-User Logins

Effective 10/10/2019 a new update will be posted to WinFlex Web production enforcing a single-user login session enhancement. The single-user session enhancement is a security and reporting enhancement that protects individual WinFlex Web users and their accounts from multiple simultaneous logins on the same account.

In preparation for this change anyone sharing a single WinFlex Web account is encouraged to register for a unique account. Individual user accounts can be setup by following the instructions below.

How to register for a WinFlex Web account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Register for WinFlex” link to the right of the login button.
  3. Fill out the registration form and click the continue button.
  4. If you belong to an agency, search for and select the agency you belong to. If your agency is not listed or you do not belong to an agency, you can bypass the agent section by clicking on the Continue Registration button.
  5. Select the carrier or carriers you would like to have available in WinFlex Web.

Note: The agency or carriers requested during the registration process must approve access to their respective products prior to being able to see them listed in the newly created WinFlex Web account.

After completing the registration an email will be sent to you with your temporary password. Once you receive your password, you can log into WinFlex Web and change your password.

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