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Sending a Letter to Myself to Plan for Retirement

Do you remember that old adage about how you wish you knew back then what you know now? A few of us would take some of that knowledge now and leverage those years of experience into our younger personal and professional lives.

Imagine if you bought stock in Apple, Amazon, or other stocks back in the day? If you invested and had that knowledge “back then,” you probably are retired now. However, the numbers are against most consumers as they get distracted from retirement planning and saving by mortgages, bills, children, and other daily expenses.

With that being said, AIP Marketing Alliance wanted to share with you a potential letter (or email) that may resonate with your clients about retirement planning through life insurance or annuities – and as a lesson learned from the experienced people on our team.

Dear {insert name}:

When you think of retirement, whether that time is decades away or closer at hand, what comes to mind? For most people, the big question will be, “How will I be able to afford to retire?”

If you have mixed emotions, you are not alone. The current average Social Security monthly payment is about $1,500, and some payments are much less. In fact, money for retirement is considered the #1 financial concern of most Americans.

So how well do most people succeed after 40 or so years of hard work? Out of 100 people age 65 and hoping to retire, you will find:

  • 1 person = Wealthy ($5 million or more in net worth);
  • 4 people = Financially Independent ($1 to $5 million in net worth);
  • 41 people = Must continue working; and
  • 54 people = Are BROKE.

Think about it – 95 of these 100 people did not plan to fail. However, most of them failed to make and follow a financial plan.

I’ll give you a call in a few days.


Financial Professional Name

Do you think this letter/email would resonate well with your clients? How do you share your life insurance or annuity knowledge with your clients? If you are looking for some fresh ideas, please contact the AIPMA Marketing Department at or contact Darron Markwood, VP of Marketing, at (248) 312-2609 or

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