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Happy Birthday AIP Marketing Alliance – 39 Years Old Today

December 4th marks an important day in the history of AIP Marketing Alliance as our business officially turns 39 years old on this day. Started in 1981 by Cheryl A. Kisser, Assured Investment Planners has grown into a nationwide insurance wholesaler (AIP Marketing Alliance) dedicated to helping independent insurance agents in selling life insurance, annuities, long-term care insurance, and Medicare supplements.

Admittedly, a lot has changed since that time as AIPMA has expanded their carrier relationships (over 60), product lines (adding Medicare supplements, long-term care insurance, disability insurance), and technology (proprietary CRM platform called myAIP). Our staff also has grown to become a full-service center for agencies, including online contracting and application processing, among other services.

Last year, Chairman David Kisser discussed how AIPMA has changed over the years from a retail independent insurance agency to the wholesale AIP Group in the early 1990s and ultimately to AIPMA at the start of the new century. AIPMA was created in 2000 to achieve the goal of helping independent life insurance and annuity wholesalers by aligning their offices with AIPMA’s access to carriers, product lines, service center, and technology.

With Rick Kisser and Kym Kisser now managing the daily operations of AIP Marketing Alliance, they have taken Assured Investment Planners’ history and their parents’ guidance to create an insurance wholesaler built around strong relationships, multiple carriers, and products, and technology designed to grow our members’ business. Our company motto, “Your Growth is Our Commitment,” has earned AIPMA much respect and acknowledgment in the financial services industry as our company continues to grow and adapt in today’s insurance marketplace.

“Everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including most of Michigan’s small businesses,” said Rick Kisser, Chief Executive Officer. “Our team has continued to drive business for our wholesalers and agents despite working remote, a fluctuating economy, and many different challenges in 2020.

“While AIPMA was built on the solid foundation of our family, it’s the team surrounding us who keeps AIPMA rolling by leveraging experience, technology, and striving to maintain those treasured relationships with our carriers, wholesalers, and agents. We really appreciate everything our employees do on a daily basis; plus, we appreciate our top-rated insurance carriers who provide experienced salespeople to help AIPMA close cases.”

As a side note, David Kisser continues to meet regularly with retail customers of Assured Investment Planners. As a CFP, he enjoys meeting and helping his valued retail clients providing guidance at the consumer level with life insurance, annuity, and Medicare supplement products.

“Well, we aren’t ‘over the hill’ yet as next year will mark 40 years in the insurance industry,” Rick Kisser added. “AIPMA’s family looks forward to spending many more years as a full-service distributor for insurance products and financial services to help independent wholesalers and agents nationwide.”

Are you looking to learn more about AIPMA’s history? Check out Dave Kisser’s video and our company’s history page. You also can leave an AIPMA birthday message on our LinkedIn or Facebook pages. Happy Birthday, AIPMA!

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