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AIP Marketing Alliance wants our valued wholesalers and agents up to speed on the fast-paced insurance world, and we continue to leverage social media and email marketing to keep you ahead of the curve on hot topics in our industry.

Our marketing team appreciates our email marketing subscribers for opting into AIPMA’s weekly emails covering carrier news, popular products, government regulations, sales ideas, and even some video updates from AIPMA’s team. We also have launched some new consumer-facing materials to help you conduct life insurance policy reviews and promote Annuity Awareness Month to consumers during the last couple of weeks.

AIPMA’s social media presence also is gaining momentum on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We leverage these selected platforms as a way to reach current and prospective independent insurance wholesalers, agents, FMOs, IMOs, and financial professionals.

This week, AIPMA is sharing a little secret in this blog article. We don’t know if you’ve realized it or not, but AIP Marketing Alliance has a NEW bi-weekly newsletter on LinkedIn called Insuring You’re Informed (we know… it’s ensuring, but it’s our take on it).

AIPMA also will let you know that a lot of business pages are NOT taking advantage of this new email marketing channel from LinkedIn. 😊 Anyone who subscribes to your business page newsletter (not just connects to your page – they have to subscribe) will receive your email newsletters in their inbox. Email marketing doesn’t get much easier than that!

In AIPMA’s LinkedIn newsletter, our team tackles important topics in life insurance, annuities, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, final expense insurance, and much more. We promise not to flood your personal email box, but once you are subscribed to AIPMA’s newsletter, you will receive any newsletters we post through LinkedIn.

We don’t want you to experience the fear of missing out (FOMO), so AIPMA is sharing links to our previous editions for you to review.

Our next newsletter will focus on a topic that will affect your agents during the next 12 months, and going forward – it will feature the top visited blogs on AIPMA’s website for the last year. The recent edition of each newsletter is pinned to the top of AIPMA’s LinkedIn page, so you can click on an article and subscribe to our newsletter through the Insuring You’re Informed page. You do need to have a LinkedIn account and be logged in to subscribe.

Are you following AIPMA on LinkedIn? We welcome you to give us a follow and check out the reason why our connections stay connected with AIP Marketing Alliance. If you are an AIPMA wholesaler or agency with a business page on LinkedIn, our marketing team also can show you how to create your LinkedIn newsletter. Simply email us at

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For more than 40 years, AIP Marketing Alliance (AIPMA) serves as a premier life insurance and annuity distribution partner to provide full-service support to independent wholesalers, brokerages and agents from our Troy, Michigan office. Copyright 2023