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AIPMA Hosts Joe Ross AIG Webinars EVERY Wednesday During April

AIP Marketing Alliance is pleased to present an AIG Wednesday Webinar series throughout the month of April with AIG expert Joe Ross, ChFC, CLU, CRC. These sessions will cover many different sales concepts about life insurance concerning the newest tax laws, IRAs and the SECURE Act, Index Universal Life’s retirement benefits, and the volatile IUL market.

All of these webinars are scheduled for 2:00 p.m. EST and should run about one hour depending on the questions and interaction by participants during each session. These sessions are open to AIPMA wholesalers, their downline agents, and independent life insurance agents as the content is approved for financial professionals only (not consumers). Pre-registration is required for each event.

  • April 7th – Tax Prognostications & Life Insurance: The Biden Administration has an interest in 3 tax law changes that could cause a “Wealth Transfer Tax Tsunami.” Learn what these three tax law changes are and how to use life insurance to combat them. Click Here to Register.
  • April 14th – You Inherited An IRA… Now What? The SECURE Act radically changed what IRA beneficiaries can do with the IRA legacies they inherit. Lifetime stretching is gone for the vast majority of IRA beneficiaries. Taxes on the IRA inheritance are imminent. Then What? Learn about a solution that can position the IRA Beneficiaries to pay tax on the money one time and never pay tax on it again. Use these concepts with your clients in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who are inheriting IRAs; and use them with your older clients to prospect their children to showcase these innovative solutions. Click Here to Register.
  • April 21st – Turn $3-A-Day Into $370,000 Of Tax-Free Retirement Income: Congratulations… You’ve decided to purchase an Index UL policy! Did you know that you just acquired one of the greatest cash accumulation opportunities in America today? Learn how to describe to your clients what makes IUL so good, and how they can add just a little bit of premium to generate amazing amounts of retirement cash flow! Click Here to Register.
  • April 28th – The Periodic Table of Investments vs. IUL: If you thought IUL wasn’t volatile, think again! It’s more volatile than you think, and certainly more volatility than we can illustrate! Let’s look at IUL volatility through a different lens so that you can see how IUL volatility compares to other investment classes, how Caps & Floors really control volatility, and the opportunities it creates for your clients. Deepening your understanding of how IUL really works will earn your clients’ confidence so they can take action. Click Here to Register.

If you have any questions about these sessions, please contact the AIPMA Business Development team at (800) 783-5206 Press #2 or email

About Joe Ross

Joe Ross, ChFC, CLU, CRC has been in the insurance business since becoming fully licensed in 1978 at the age of 16, and went on to obtain his Insurance degree from the University of Iowa, being awarded the coveted Emmett J. Vaughan insurance scholarship.

Growing up as one of 10 kids in the town in Iowa where they filmed “The Field of Dreams,” Joe’s career began as a member of his father’s top-producing Managing General Agency with E.F. Hutton Life in 1981. Their agency was consistently the top-producing MGA nationally, while Joe was also among the top 65 personal producers in the country for Hutton Life.

In 1990 he became an Insurance & Estate Planning Specialist for Merrill Lynch in five Chicago-area offices, followed by Vice President of Sales and Marketing for three life insurance companies before spending the last 20 years as the brainchild behind innovative sales concepts that have driven life insurance, annuity, and retirement planning strategies in the independent agent and broker-dealer channels. In 2013 he brought those skills to AIG, where he continues to build his legacy, inspiring financial advisors to make a difference in their clients’ lives.

Ross says his secret to success is a combination of making complex concepts easy to understand, connecting ideas in ways that haven’t been done before, telling stories that connect products and ideas to emotions, and presenting concepts with enthusiasm. As a professional development coach, he shares his wealth of experience by showing agents and advisors how to take their game to new levels.

Ross’s articles and presentations have been featured in Broker World, National Underwriter, LifeHealthPro, and ThinkAdvisor.

In November of 2019, Joe received the NAILBA ID-20 Award (the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies), honoring the life insurance industry’s “most courageous innovators and visionaries who have made important contributions to the life insurance profession.

Well-known for his experience, insight, and motivational presentations, Joe is highly regarded as a Keynote speaker at conferences around the country.

Joe’s personal Mission Statement is “To inspire people to achieve more,” and these presentations should do exactly that.

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