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No Joke. AIPMA Isn’t Foolin’ Around in 2024!

Did you know that agents using Integrity technology platforms write 63% more applications? That’s no April Fools’ Day joke. Today’s insurance agents and carriers are embracing technology more and more in 2024 as fax machines and paper applications have become almost as obsolete as that Rolodex collecting dust in a drawer. That is a joke.

Time and technology have developed into two resources most agents selling annuities and life insurance need to stay competitive, close more sales, recruit new talent, and grow their businesses. There’s never enough time, but technology is catching up as more carriers adjust to the future with e-Apps, accelerated underwriting, and more AI-driven resources to make the agent and customer process simpler and more efficient.

AIP Marketing Alliance, an Integrity Company, understands these needs and has stuck to our guns with MORE in ’24 guiding this year’s goals with technology launches, new products and carriers, and resources designed to align with our valued wholesalers’ and agent’s selling strategies.

AIPMA has continued to deliver these resources for more than 40 years with some of our wholesaler relationships lasting more than a quarter of a century. That’s no joke.

For that reason, we want to remind everyone how AIPMA isn’t fooling around this year as we leverage our Integrity strategic partnership, carrier relationships, and internal resources to focus on our other favorite motto, “Your Growth is Our Commitment.”


  • AIP Marketing Alliance spent most of Q1 2024 planting the seeds to grow your book of business. The CENTER of our attention literally revolved around Integrity’s MedicareCENTER, LeadCENTER, and now, LifeCENTER. The best part involves how these CENTERS all are combined into one platform accessible through with a CRM application powered by AI (AskIntegrity™) to simplify accessing your clients’ information.
  • Speaking of intelligent-driven platforms, AIPMA also launched Techficient’s Dynamic Quoting tool for term life insurance, which leverages predictive data and a pre-underwriting engine to recommend the best product fit. Agents using Dynamic Quoting place 5% more business, issue policies 20% faster, and send eligible clients through fluidless underwriting at a 15% higher rate (with fewer exams).
  • What can we do to top those launches? AIPMA reached out to our Integrity family, Brokers International, to combine our efforts to add two services our wholesalers have wanted in 2024 – an online training platform and an easier way to submit annuity applications. Done and Done. AIPMA’s wholesalers now can leverage Business Builder to access the new Accelerate On-Demand Video Training Platform and FireLight to submit annuity applications more efficiently. Business Builder also allows our wholesalers to track their annuity business with a dashboard of their downline agents.

Hold on. Our team needs to take a breath. {Whew} Oh, we almost forgot about two new carriers (Aspida & Heartland), a new Prudential FIA (SurePath), updated Annuity Product Training charts, Term Life Conversion charts, PlanEnroll portals for selling final expense and Medicare, wholesaler recruiter portals with life insurance and annuity tools, and… and… and… {gasping}.

And we’re not done yet. That’s only FIRST quarter. We’re just getting started in 2024! What’s next? Keep following AIP Marketing Alliance on LinkedIn and see what news drops next in our daily updates. Feel free to contact AIP Marketing Alliance, an Integrity Company, at to learn how our staff and resources can make a competitive difference for you and/or your agents with MORE in ’24!

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