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AIPMA Launches Dynamic Quoting: A New Innovative Quoting and Submission Platform by Techficient

TROY, MICHIGAN – AIP Marketing Alliance (AIPMA) has partnered with Techficient through its AIMCOR relationship to bring agents and agencies a new groundbreaking platform called Dynamic Quoting. The new solution is being made available to all AIPMA wholesalers, agents, agencies, and advisors.

Dynamic Quoting is a unique quote and submission platform that leverages data to drive intelligent choices to offer one simple path for most term life insurance products. Dynamic is currently the only life insurance engine that utilizes pre-underwriting data to align the best product and process for each client – which leads to better results.

Through a 3-year case study with a leading life brokerage, Dynamic Quoting was able to increase placement rates by 15% and reduce cycle time by 40% compared to cases submitted through other competing systems. Dynamic also has an exclusive suite of proprietary products including instant term and final expense/whole life solutions.

“Techficient's partnership with AIMCOR continues to drive innovative solutions that enable distributors to grow life insurance sales,” said Todd Ruplinger, CEO of Techficient. “Dynamic is an agent quote-to-issue solution that drives better results by leveraging predictive data to recommend the best process and product. AIMCOR’s version of Dynamic offers Agents enhanced capability through an In-Force Policy Management Agent Solution "Vision" and an expanded suite of best-in-class exclusive instant issue term and permanent products. AIMCOR and Techficient are powering distributors to offer protection at new levels of digital convenience.”

As part of AIP Marketing Alliance’s MORE in ’24 campaign, Techficient’s Dynamic platform adds a more efficient and customizable term quote engine to find products tailored toward a specific consumer’s situation. This platform is now available to wholesalers through their recruiter portals and independent agents through the secure Agent Tools section on AIPMA’s website.

“We understand how term life insurance has become more commonplace in today’s market, but our team also understands the need to make term life easier to sell for the agent,” AIPMA President Rick Kisser said. “The Dynamic platform simplifies the process, leverages consumer data, and makes the process efficient and seamless. AIPMA is very pleased to launch this new endeavor with Techficient – thanks to our partnership with AIMCOR – and look forward to showing our valued wholesalers and agents its capabilities this month.”

“A key component and catalyst of AIMCOR’s growth strategy over the years have been our unique partnerships with innovative technology platforms, such as Techficient, that can drive business transformation, operational efficiencies and streamlined sales enablement, along with our members’ commitment to market-leading differentiation, all under our single, unified goal of protecting more families with products that they so desperately need,” said John Ziambras, President & CEO of AIMCOR Group.

About AIP Marketing Alliance

For more than 40 years, AIP Marketing Alliance, an Integrity Company, has served as a premier life insurance and annuity distribution partner, providing full-service support to independent wholesalers, brokerages and agents from their Troy, Michigan office. AIPMA, an AIMCOR member, has the carrier relationships, products, and tools to help independents grow their business and stand out in a competitive marketplace. For more information, visit

About Techficient

Techficient provides secure, cloud-based software designed to make all aspects of an insurance sale faster and more efficient; its suite of applications offers seamless CRM and AMS solutions for distributors and carriers, along with Dynamic quoting that drives results through an intelligent process. Techficient offers cutting-edge technology solutions to brokerage general agencies that aid in scalability and proficiencies.

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AIMCOR Group is a national insurance distribution organization that is committed to making a difference in the lives of its members, advisors, and consumers by enabling new distribution, engaging consumers and delivering financial security to American families across all ages, income levels and cultural background while introducing excitement to the industry by way of its relentless focus on innovation, expansion, diversification, and profitability.

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For more than 40 years, AIP Marketing Alliance (AIPMA), an Integrity Company, serves as a premier life insurance and annuity distribution partner to provide full-service support to independent wholesalers, brokerages and agents from our Troy, Michigan office. NOT AFFILIATED WITH OR ENDORSED BY THE GOVERNMENT OR THE MEDICARE PROGRAM. Copyright 2024