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Under Construction: AIPMA’s Office Getting Much Needed Renovations

As an office located in the state of Michigan, AIP Marketing Alliance’s employees have grown accustomed to the summer and fall traditions of the state landmark – a bright orange construction barrel – causing traffic snafus on just about every major roadway.

For us Michiganders, the orange barrels can bring frustration for a few months (or years), but once the construction is completed, we truly understand why the roads needed the renovations to keep up with modern times.

AIP Marketing Alliance, an Integrity Company, is also under construction for the next few months as the executive team has approved builders to start renovations to our Troy, Michigan headquarters this month. If you are visiting our location, you may hear a couple of hammers knocking down walls and workers ripping up carpet.

Before AIP Marketing Alliance came into existence, Cheryl and Dave Kisser formed The AIP Group in 1991 to expand their operations outside the retail market through recruiting independent wholesalers and agents. In December 1996, The AIP Group completed construction of a state-of-the-art, 20,000 sq. ft. building in Troy, Michigan, to run its operations. Four years later, AIP Marketing Alliance was formed and still operates within this facility today.

“After more than 25 years, we had a lot of talk about ways to improve the ambiance and work environment of AIPMA’s building, especially since we have other tenants,” said Kym Kisser, Controller and Chief Financial Officer. “We have built a solid foundation with a lot of great memories, plus our centralized location works well for our employees.

“We continue to grow as a part of Integrity Marketing Group, and our updated building will provide a spacious, interactive working environment for our team plus a comfortable location to interact with AIPMA’s guests. Our team can’t wait to see the changes!”

She added the construction should be completed before the end of the year and appreciates everyone’s patience as the construction moves through two phases in the building. Since most of AIPMA’s employees are working remotely, the timing for the building updates made sense for everyone involved.

“AIPMA’s employees have embraced the remote working philosophy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic without drop-offs in sales or service as we’ve maintained business as usual conditions for our wholesalers and agents,” Kym said. “We plan to continue moving forward in 2023 by implementing a hybrid work schedule to fit within our operational needs and our employees’ lifestyle requirements.”

In the upcoming months, watch for construction updates on AIP Marketing Alliance’s social media sites on LinkedIn and Facebook. For visitors coming to our building, we ask that you follow the signs and excuse the dust as we make AIPMA’s building a better place for everyone.

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