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Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs During Game Time 2023

Last year, AIP Marketing Alliance brought out their “A” game during our debut for the annual sign contest for Integrity Marketing Group, as our team was prominently featured in the Game Time 2022 video. Our team felt a little more pressure this year as AIPMA also scored some extra footage in the 2023 Game Time kickoff video based on the creativity of our signs.

That’s why AIPMA stepped up again in 2023, as our team brought some creativity, some Integrity swag, and a few creative signs for this year’s Game Time competition. With many strategic partners joining the fray, AIP Marketing Alliance wanted to show our pulse on the nation by incorporating some common memes and 2023 topics into our signage.

As you can see from the image above, AIP Marketing Alliance took our signs to the next level. Let’s break down some of the signs in case you are not caught up on today’s pop culture.

  • “When you pull the Gold Coin in the office” – Barbie & Ken from the 2023 hit movie. Ken wishes he had the gold coin like he does Barbie.
  • “On My Way to Get the Latest Integrity Swag” – The famous baby meme of the girl running in happiness.
  • “Guess Who is PUMPED for 2024!” – A homage to Integrity President Bryan Adams and Ziglar CEO Tom Ziglar shows the famous Zig Ziglar pump and how Integrity Leadership Academy was born in 2023.
  • “Trying to Explain Medicare Before MedicareCENTER” and “Trying to Explain COMMISSION OVERRIDES” – If you have watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, then you’ve seen Charlie try to explain his master plan.
  • “In Detroit, You Can’t Spell ‘Integrity’ Without GRIT” – Based in Michigan, the state is finally fired up about the Detroit Lions football team and this year’s theme, GRIT. Coach Dan Campbell has become the face of the franchise.
  • “When a 6.0% MYGA Rate is More Attractive than Travis Kelce” – This sign became a favorite as the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift relationship has introduced Swifties to the NFL and become a hot topic during Kansas City Chiefs’ games.
  • “2024 will be here soon” – The clock is ticking until 2023 ends. Are you ready?
  • “Me Looking at the Latest MYGA Rates” – The famous meme of the obsessed girlfriend staring made our cut this year.
  • “Football is not for turkeys! We love Game Time!” – Who doesn’t like the combination of turkeys and football?
  • “There is no substitute for hard work. Always be humble and hungry.” – AIPMA’s team continues to work hard for our valued wholesalers and agents. If you smell what the Rock is cooking, then you understand how this Dwayne Johnson quote resonates and motivates.

You also can check out our team “wave” video below as AIPMA’s employees truly enjoyed showing off our signs and our Integrity swag of trucker hats, pom poms, footballs, and sunglasses.

As AIP Marketing Alliance hits its stride in the middle of Integrity’s Game Time 2023, we’re getting ready to close out 2023 as well as prepare our independent wholesalers for 2024. If you are looking to step up your life insurance or annuity game in 2024, please contact us at

We’ll have a conversation, talk about our team, design some ideas to align with your business, and show you why AIPMA makes the difference in today’s competitive market. The signs are there – let’s hope you follow them to AIP Marketing Alliance!

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