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MORE in ’24: AIPMA Life Insurance, Annuity Resources for Our Wholesalers, Agents

AIP Marketing Alliance values our independent wholesalers and agents, so our team continually adds new tools and resources to streamline the sales process, keep them up to speed on carrier updates, and help design illustrations and comparisons during appointments.

Wholesalers leverage their customized, secure recruiter portals by providing agent access to tools for life insurance (iPipeline, iGO, Dynamic Quoting), annuities (Wink’s AnnuitySpecs, calculators), and licensing/contracting (SureLC). Agents have the same access through AIPMA’s website by logging into Agent Tools.

AIPMA’s marketing department has created some in-house resources that you may not find on portals or Agent Tools, because we keep these documents up to speed with the ever-changing environment of life insurance and annuities. As part of the MORE in ’24 campaign, our team is sharing some of these resources below.

  • Carrier Chart: A common question our team is asked is, “Are you contracted with X carrier?” This carrier chart shows every carrier AIPMA is contracted with and the products available through that carrier. We also have an annuity-only carrier chart as needed.
  • Annuity Product Training Chart: This PDF contains the training details that most insurance carriers require before getting contracted. Some carriers use the RegEd platform, while others may leverage their website, LIMRA, NAIC, or another website. For applicable carriers, AIPMA also includes the product code and course name.
  • Annuity Rollover Conversion Chart: This PDF shows what carriers allow rollovers from specific retirement products such as non-qualified stretch, qualified stretch, Roth IRA conversion, SEP IRA, and Simple IRA. We are currently adding carriers and updating this document with hopes of launching it this month.
  • Life Insurance Questionnaires: As discussed in our blog a couple of months ago, these prescreening questionnaires focus on asking questions about lifestyle habits, mental illness, and health risks. You can use the client’s answers to position a life insurance product with a carrier who may have more underwriting flexibility compared to others.
  • Accelerated Underwriting Chart: This PDF breaks down some carriers that have accelerated underwriting for specific products, the issue age, face amount, application type (e-app, etc.), rating, and any notes you may need to know about that carrier’s accelerated underwriting program.
  • Living Benefits Rider Chart: This LifeTrends document breaks down Chronic Illness and Long-Term Care riders from carriers that AIPMA is contracted through. The chart shows the products, services covered, what happens if a client needs to go on a claim, the benefit received, and what happens once the client goes on claim.
  • Single Premium Life Insurance Comparison Chart: This PDF breaks down SPL products from a group of carriers and highlights the main differences between them.
  • Term Conversion Chart: This chart focuses on term life insurance and your client’s options for converting the selected product. It breaks down the minimum conversion period, if it can be converted to a permanent life insurance product, optional rider changes conversion, conversion-only product or limited selection, and non-convertible level term duration. This chart is currently being updated and should be launched in February.

As a reminder, AIPMA’s in-house marketing team can customize these documents with your logo to keep your brand seamless to your downline agents. We can add your logo, contact information, and in some cases, incorporate your colors into the design – except for the LifeTrends document.

If you would like any of these resources (or customized versions), please contact AIP Marketing Alliance’s Business Development team at (800) 783-5206 Press #2 or

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