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Giving Thanks and Being Thankful This Week

From the AIP Marketing Alliance to yours, our team would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving this week as we take time to celebrate with friends and family this Thursday. We hope you make the most of your time together and share stories and good memories, as well as understand how we are thankful for many things in life.

Admittedly, 2022 has had its challenges with a fluctuating economy, inflation rates continuing to rise, and even a lingering pandemic, among other issues causing a shortage in the workforce for many local businesses. However, Thanksgiving provides a break from all those distractions to focus on being thankful.

AIP Marketing Alliance is thankful to our independent wholesalers and agents who chose to use our carrier relationships, technology resources, and experienced team to support their sales efforts. We appreciate your extra patience this year as processing times (especially during year-end) still pose a challenge based on staff shortages and training new personnel at all levels in the application, underwriting, and approval stages.

We also are thankful to be a strategic partner of Integrity Marketing Group as our employees and wholesalers continue to grow and feel the advantages of the “Integrity effect.” AIPMA has received a lot of phone calls about LeadCENTER and how MedicareCENTER has helped during the current Medicare Open Enrollment period.

AIPMA wants to take a minute and thank all of your clients for selecting insurance products through you, which in turn, means they are AIPMA’s clients! We appreciate their business and hope you contact them throughout the holidays to check in and make sure they are doing OK with everything going on.

Here are a couple of reasons why your clients are very thankful to have you as their financial professional.

  • Their annuity is still making guaranteed accumulation despite most retirement vehicles losing money this year
  • Their life insurance provides peace of mind knowing their loved ones are protected in the case of an unforeseen healthcare event
  • Their long-term care insurance will cover long-term care needs while protecting their retirement dollars from being used for unexpected healthcare expenses

In other words, we all have a reason to be thankful this year. Let’s keep the positive momentum throughout the holidays and get ready for many new opportunities in 2023! Happy Thanksgiving from AIP Marketing Alliance!

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