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Extreme Makeover: AIP Marketing Alliance Edition!

After 26 years of residing in AIP Marketing Alliance’s Troy location, the management team decided the time had come for an Extreme Makeover for AIPMA’s office and building. We didn’t need Ty Pennington or any of his crew chiefs as our diamond in the rough involved Chief Financial Officer Kym Kisser, who coordinated all of the enhancements to our building.

With her prior background, Kym developed a plan with local Metro-Detroit companies to give a fresh working environment to AIPMA’s employees as well as a new ambiance to the rest of the building’s tenants. During the last three months, Kym’s vision finally came to fruition with a team Open House Reveal with a ribbon cutting on November 30th to coincide with our 3rd Quarter meeting.

“It’s been a labor of love being so involved with this project, but we wanted to make our team feel comfortable in the office,” Kym added. “It truly was a large undertaking, and the crew did an amazing job as our team was very surprised when they walked through the doors for the grand re-opening!”

The building and office improvements included:

  • Brand new carpeting and paint throughout the entire building, including new decorative columns in the work areas
  • A completely remodeled lobby area with beverages, coffee makers, and a display screen
  • An open café lunch/break area with comfortable seating and new appliances
  • An expanded Case Management area with ergonomic desks, a TV for online meetings, and an improved layout
  • A refreshed Business Development area with expanded workspaces and ergonomic desks
  • A new second conference room with web-based TV as well as a refresh to our large conference room area
  • Brand new flooring and painting in AIPMA’s atrium area, including a carpeted seating area and three new digital signage spots to promote our tenants’ businesses
  • Upgraded bathrooms with marble sinks and decorative touches

“The last few months seemed to have flown by, and it’s been fun watching how our office has evolved so much in seemingly a short time,” Kym said. “We look forward to having our employees return to AIPMA’s building in January as we know they will enjoy the new work environment.”

You can check out the AIPMA ribbon-cutting ceremony and Rick Kisser’s “tour” of the building by clicking on the video below.

Starting January 3rd, AIP Marketing Alliance employees will start a hybrid work schedule with the staff in the office on Mondays and Tuesdays while working remotely Wednesday through Friday. AIPMA also is installing a new phone system through RingCentral that will make contacting our team seamless. You also can contact AIPMA at (800) 783-5206 or

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