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AIPMA’s Team Swings Away for 2024 Integrity Spring Training

As a member of Integrity’s team, AIP Marketing Alliance greets the upcoming baseball season through the annual Spring Training program. Each strategic partner’s employees are assigned compliance-related courses to complete, but Integrity also tosses in a few fun events for team building and engagement.

Each training topic is tied to an Integrity Core Value: Family, Respect, Integrity, Service & Partnership. This year’s schedule includes Workday e-Learning sessions focused on the new updated Employee Handbook, updated antitrust policies, and Integrity’s Respectful Workplace Training.

Spring Training also has compliance sections on HIPAA and CCPA, Information Security and CMS, Outbound Communication and Marketing, General Compliance, and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. Each AIPMA staff member must complete these sessions on a weekly basis with a June deadline for all courses.

To balance out the training, Integrity also schedules “team huddles” where our team does some fun events and even receives some Integrity swag for their hard work. While a couple of the events are scheduled in a few weeks, AIP Marketing Alliance is getting creative to show our Spring Training support during the initial sessions.

Spring Training Lunch LI (1200 x 1200 px)

  • AIPMA kicked off training with a Street Food event where we enjoyed a Chipotle-themed taco/nacho bar and dressed in our favorite baseball and Integrity swag. You can check out some of the photos above from that event!
  • For our second event, our home team did baseball card poses to submit to Integrity for their use. Being a baseball card collector growing up, Vice President of Marketing Darron Markwood came up with some ideas using famous “funny” baseball card poses. You can check out AIPMA’s creativity in the video below. Who had the best card on the AIPMA team? We also included the original card for our staff members who copied a few cards. For the record, we had to eliminate the Billy Ripken 1989 Fleer card idea.
  • For our third Integrity Spring Training team huddle, we got together for “Dogs and Twinkie Corn Dogs,” combining bring your dog to work day with decorating dessert delights for an afternoon sugar fix!
Spring Training Twinkie Dogs 2024

  • For our final event, the AIPMA team did their best attempt at lip-syncing the Neil Diamond favorite, “Sweet Caroline!” So Good, So Good!

What’s next for Spring Training? AIPMA will also share some photos of the team swag as even our team doesn’t know what’s coming (Darron hasn’t ruined the surprise yet).

AIP Marketing Alliance appreciates your support as we take the steps to maintain training for our team while making the most of the fun activities planned by Integrity. Please feel free to follow AIPMA on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube to keep tabs on what’s going on in the AIPMA world.

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