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MORE in ’24: Looking to Recruit New Agents This Year?

How do you recruit agents to join your agency? You would think in today’s society that attracting newer or veteran insurance agents would become a simple project, but the competitiveness of the financial services industry and today’s cluttered communication technology may make standing out from the competition a bit harder.

Everyone wants to know the “secret sauce” to get an agent’s attention. This mystery sometimes becomes baffling as recruiting agents (or wholesalers) sometimes isn’t that easy. Let’s review some of the recruiting campaigns you may have tried during the last five years.

  • Purchase and download a list of prospective agents in your area from a database
  • Create multiple email blasts to send to those non-opted agents in hopes of getting some responses
  • Host an in-person event in your local area and invite agents by sending snail mail invitations and email blasts to these lists
  • Network at a community event, job fair, or industry event to meet, greet, and recruit
  • Meet with a “social media expert” to pay thousands of dollars for online campaigns, which may take up to a year to truly pay off

The first question becomes, “Do you have the time, money, and resources to recruit new agents?” The second question is, “How can you compete with every other agency on the internet?”

If you answered “no” to these questions, then let’s take a few paragraphs to discuss how AIP Marketing Alliance, an Integrity company, can provide you with some resources to help you during the recruitment process.

As an Integrity strategic partner, AIP Marketing Alliance has access to multiple platforms designed to grow your business. Take those resources and combine them with our 40+ years of industry experience, carriers/products, and proprietary myAIP CRM platform to help you stand out from the competition.

Everyone has commission, and everyone has leads, but today’s agents need more than those incentives to move to your agency. That’s why AIP Marketing Alliance is dedicated to “your growth is our commitment” and continues to expand on resources available to our downline wholesalers and agents.

  • Recruiter Portals: Powered by myAIP, this branded website provides your agents with a 24/7/365 resource for selling life insurance, annuities, long-term care, and final expense insurance in ONE location. We can customize the content for your agency, including your logo, contact information, and resources, in an a la carte style. Your FREE recruiter portal gives your agents access to SureLC, iPipeline/iGO, Wink’s Annuity Specs, Dynamic Quoting for term life, Business Builder’s Accelerate on-demand video training, and FireLight annuity e-app access. We also can link your social media accounts and our training portals for final expense and term life. The best part is that AIPMA’s marketing team can build these portals for you in about a half hour!
  • Integrity Family: AIPMA is part of Integrity, which means we can leverage our relationships with our home office and other partners to help you. LeadCENTER becomes a cost-effective, prequalified lead program for final expense, life insurance, and Medicare leads. MedicareCENTER keeps your agents compliant with government regulations, records calls, and has client tracking with dashboards and reporting. It also has a mobile app and uses AI-powered AskIntegrity™.
  • Carriers & Products: In talking with our wholesalers, AIPMA adds carriers and products that they need for their business. We have more than 60 carrier relationships, including the newest additions of Aspida and Heartland National. AIPMA also has access to exclusive products through Integrity’s carrier relationships.
  • Internal Marketing Team: Our marketing team has the capabilities to create content and graphics to support your recruitment efforts. Not only do we create the recruiter portals, but we also develop social media and direct mailing campaigns to showcase your strengths online. We can discuss options for expanding your brand online, targeting some of your strengths, and how AIPMA can support your efforts.

AIP Marketing Alliance understands the pain, effort, and time of recruiting new agents. We also understand the business and can help you position these strengths in your recruitment strategy. Think about how your introductory conversation can go with a new or seasoned agent.

“Welcome to XXX agency. What are you looking for in an agency? Through XXX, we can provide you with competitive compensation, a real-time lead program, access to more than 60 insurance carriers, and an online platform to process your applications and contracts more efficiently. If you want to add a product line, our on-demand video training program can guide you through adding annuities or life insurance to your portfolio. Let me show you our portal where everything from contracting to comparing products to submitting applications all occurs in one spot – and is available 24 hours a day for you.”

AIPMA believes our support complements your agency’s resources, can become a conversation starter to attract new agents, and separate your business from the rest in a very competitive industry. If you would like to discuss some of AIPMA’s recruitment ideas and resources, please contact us at

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