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AIPMA Moves to RingCentral to Upgrade Communications

As part of the #integrityeffect, AIP Marketing Alliance is moving its phone system and communications over to RingCentral’s platform in July to leverage its multiple enhancements and tools. Integrity Marketing Group uses this cloud-based phone system throughout its strategic partnerships.

Instead of using separate providers for desk phones, mobile devices, and other communications, RingCentral combines these resources into one unified communications (UC) system integrating multiple communication and collaboration tools – such as text messaging, video calling, audio conferencing, telephony, project management, and more – into a single cloud-based communications platform. This is why UC is also often mentioned as UC&C, which simply means “unified communications and collaboration.”

AIPMA employees will log into their computers (office or remote) and launch the RingCentral system, which allows the team members to make phone calls directly from their stations, send texts, launch video calls, host webinars, create conference calls, integrate with Microsoft Outlook to add contacts, transfer calls easily, and much more.

During July, AIPMA’s staff will test out the multiple features of RingCentral and transition to its service. None of our phone numbers will change, and you will not experience any downtime throughout this move. You will notice the difference as RingCentral becomes a bigger part of our communications.

“The move to RingCentral also will connect us with the Integrity family of companies as AIPMA can reach out to other Integrity partners through this platform very easily,” AIPMA President Rick Kisser said. “These RingCentral enhancements are taking that next step with our technology and making communications with our wholesalers and agents even better whether it is phone, text, video calls, webinars, or even faxes!”

AIPMA will send out an email when RingCentral is live and being used by our team. In the meantime, feel free to contact AIPMA at or give us a call at (800) 783-5206.

About RingCentral

RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE: RNG) is a leading provider of business cloud communications and contact center solutions based on its powerful Message Video Phone™  (MVP®) global platform. More flexible and cost-effective than legacy on-premises PBX and video conferencing systems that it replaces, RingCentral empowers modern mobile and distributed workforces to communicate, collaborate, and connect via any mode, any device, and any location. RingCentral offers three key products in its portfolio, including RingCentral MVP™, a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform including team messaging, video meetings, and a cloud phone system; RingCentral Video®,  the company’s video meetings solution with team messaging that enables Smart Video Meetings™; and RingCentral cloud Contact Center solutions. RingCentral’s open platform integrates with leading third-party business applications and enables customers to easily customize business workflows. RingCentral is headquartered in Belmont, California, and has offices around the world.

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