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Your Tick!it to Selling Term Life Insurance

As a member of AIMCOR, AIP Marketing Alliance is continually looking for technology and resources to help our valued independent wholesalers and agents save time through the application process. For some life insurance products, such as term life insurance, the amount of time needed to complete the sale sometimes can outweigh the benefits of selling this product to your clients.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought term life insurance to the forefront as more consumers are asking questions about this product. The demand is finally catching up to the supply as term life insurance fits that need. AIPMA has seen the spike in activity and now provides wholesalers and agents with an easy alternative designed to alleviate the administrative work after the application is submitted.

AIPMA has launched the Tick!it platform in its Agent Tools section of the AIPMA website as a solution to selling term life insurance through 10 of its top-rated life insurance carriers. The Tick!it online submission platform takes a few minutes to register to use, but gives agents a resource designed around term life insurance.

Tick!it offers term life quotes, needs analysis and an online short-form application process to simplify the process. Once the application is submitted, the Tick!it team of experts will handle the rest of the application process for you and your clients! You also can track each application and obtain policy information in real-time from their dashboard.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this new outlet to submit lower premium term life quotes. To learn more about this new service, please check out the video below from AIPMA Chief Executive Officer Rick Kisser about the addition of the Tick!it platform.

If you have any questions about Tick!it, please contact our Business Development Team at (800) 783-5206 press #2 or email

Tick!it is a wholly owned marketing brand of AIMCOR Group, LLC, a national marketing organization that distributes and services life, disability, Long-Term Care, and annuity insurance products through a variety of different platforms.

AIMCOR Group operates and conducts business in specific markets under the name AIMCOR Enterprise Insurance Group (AIMCOR EIG). AIMCOR EIG is the marketing brand of AIMCOR Group, LLC that operates and services the institutional and business-to-business relationships of AIMCOR Group, LLC and its affiliated member organizations.

AIMCOR Group affiliated organizations can offer Tick!it to financial professionals and consumers they service under a separate, individual, brand within their local market.

Tick!it digital and fulfillment services are contracted to Small Business Insurance Agency, Inc. (SBIA). This includes the application fulfillment services and applicant phone interviews that are required to be completed by an issuing insurance company in order to obtain coverage. These services are contracted by Tick!it to SBIA through third-party vendor agreement that is established between AIMCOR Group, LLC and SBIA.

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