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What Are Your New Year Resolutions for 2023?

It’s time to flip the switch. With the fresh start of a new year, most of us are highly motivated to improve on 2022 with lofty volume goals and a desire to close even more business in 2023. Last year paved the way for a lot of opportunities with consumers, and AIP Marketing Alliance wants to continue that positive momentum starting right now.

A couple of trends continue to affect our industry.

  • The fear of a bear market and rise of inflation rates still lingers as consumers find themselves trying to protect their hard-earned retirement dollars and stick to a diversified retirement strategy with guaranteed lifetime income
  • Gas prices have dropped during the holidays, but supply chain issues and inflation have affected the costs of everyday goods, where $1 menus at fast food restaurants are a thing of the past
  • The COVID-19 pandemic, its variants, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and other flu-like diseases are starting to spike as the winter weather contributes to an increase in spreading of these diseases

Like last year, consumers are still interested in one main philosophy – protection. Protecting their retirement. Protecting their health. Protecting their loved ones in case of an unforeseen healthcare event. Health, the passing of loved ones, and the “high cost of everything” probably stoked most conversations at holiday gatherings, so the thoughts still linger in their minds right now.

January 2023 is the time to have those client and prospect conversations and schedule those appointments. AIP Marketing Alliance is sharing a couple of ideas to get you started.

  • MYGAs, MYGAs, MYGAs! How long will the rising MYGA rates continue? AIPMA predicted three-year and five-year rates eclipsing 5% in 2022, and this competitive rate environment has carried over into 2023. Have a conversation with your clients about short-term protection with a guaranteed 5% rate, as most CDs and savings accounts aren’t even close to that rate. How long will this last? We don’t know, but the time to act is now!
  • Are They Ready? Who would like to have a crystal ball to see into the future? We can’t predict what will happen today, tomorrow, or even years from now. One of the hardest parts of being an agent/advisor for your client involves when that “unexpected something” happens in their lives, and you are the first person they call about their annuities, life insurance, long-term care insurance, or final expense insurance. Does their life insurance policy have living benefits or long-term care provisions just in case that something happens? Start the year with a policy review. Escalating healthcare and long-term care costs have more consumers thinking toward the future.
  • Add Some Fresh Faces to Your Book of Business! You understand the importance of your clients, but sometimes referrals aren’t that easy to receive from them. AIP Marketing Alliance has multiple lead platforms available (annuities, life insurance, final expense, Medicare, etc.) based on your sales strategy – including Integrity Marketing Group’s LeadCENTER.
  • Break Out of Your Comfort Zone! Each agent settles into a zone where you sell a specific product line and a carrier you prefer to utilize. Are you receiving the commission and service levels you need to close cases? Would a different carrier or product benefit your clients and prospects more than your current contracted insurance carriers? If you are talking to your clients about one product (life insurance, annuities), why aren’t you talking about the other? AIPMA is contracted with more than 60 carriers and has online software to compare annuities and life insurance products. Start the year by adding a carrier or product line – or find out other ways to diversify your sales portfolio with your existing clients.

Of course, AIPMA’s professional staff has the in-house business development, case management, and marketing experience to support independent wholesalers and agents nationwide. Your growth is our commitment – and we constantly add new resources, technology, and carriers to provide you with options that support your overall sales strategy.

Is your 2023 resolution to grow your business? Let’s have a conversation to start 2023 in a positive direction. You can schedule a time with our team, contact us at (800) 783-5206 Press #2, or email

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