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Webinar: Leveraging AIG's Income Savvy Flipbook

After two months of adjusting to COVID-19's effect on everyday operations, independent agents are still adjusting to a virtual world where the face-to-face conversation with a client now occurs via an online meeting, phone call, or email.

AIP Marketing Alliance has provided multiple workshops, resources, and ideas to keep business as usual during these stay-at-home times. On May 20th at 11 a.m. EST, AIG will host a session entitled, "Leveraging AIG's Income Savvy Flipbook in a Virtual World."

AIG's Clay Crume and Nicole Percey will discuss this resource and how you can use it to sell annuities in today's virtual world.

Income Savvy is a product-agnostic, consumer approved program that helps you connect with clients in a virtual world. The program provides:

  • Assistance in establishing the "Why"
  • Tips on making informed decisions about retirement
  • Credibility to you as an advisor with facts and statistics which can help establish a need

You can pre-register for this session by clicking here. If you have any questions, please contact AIPMA at or call (800) 783-5206.

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