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Mid-Year Update – What Have You Missed from AIPMA?

Have you blinked and already missed half of 2021? This year has clicked along at a solid pace as the return to normalcy has spurred more interest in safer retirement products, including annuities and life insurance. COVID-19 also has clients thinking about the “unexpected” as long-term care hybrid products and final expense products are top of mind now.

Well, we’re halfway there in 2021 – and AIP Marketing Alliance wants to make sure you haven’t missed out on anything so far! With remote-working and numerous emails pounding your inbox, AIPMA doesn’t want you to forget about the highlights of the first and second quarter in our world. That’s why we are sharing a few newsworthy items from the early part of the year with you.

  • Are you tired of online meetings and webinars yet? You may feel the Teams/Zoom/GoToWebinar fatigue with the online meeting world we now reside in due to remote working. However, AIPMA has hosted some amazing sessions with Ed Slott, CPA, on Stretch IRAs; a four-part series with Joe Ross from AIG; North American’s team discussing Regulation 7702; and QLAC Retirement Planning Services with Sue Burnett. You can check out all of these sessions by accessing AIPMA’s OnDemand GoToStage channel here. Note: Content is approved for insurance professionals only.
  • Bestow Makes Selling Term Life Insurance Easy! Are you using Bestow yet? This instant decision, mobile-friendly term life insurance process that quotes AND places coverage in LESS THAN five minutes. Bestow’s platform is built to sell competitively-priced term life insurance quickly and easily with little to no involvement needed by an agent. Selling term life insurance by sending a link targets millennial clients plus eliminates paperwork and administrative time. AIPMA can get you started – click here to learn more!
  • Sales Ideas: AIPMA has customizable e-flyers designed to open up opportunities with business clients and consumers. Some of these ideas include: talking key person insurance with local businesses, using permanent life insurance to diversify retirement preferences, comparing life insurance costs to a daily cup of coffee, and helping your marijuana-using clients get life insurance.
  • What Month Is It? Our marketing team has you covered with customizable videos and social media graphics designed to promote those “special” months throughout the year. These graphics can be used year-round! You can check out our Insure Your Love, Disability Insurance Awareness, and Annuity Awareness resources. AIP Marketing Alliance also will have you covered for future events, including Life Insurance Awareness Month!
  • Carriers, Products, and MORE! AIPMA is always looking to add more insurance carriers to help our valued members and agents gain access to more products. This year, we’ve already added SILAC and MassMutual to our 60+ carrier relationships (actually, we are almost at 70 at this point!). Are you looking for a new carrier or product? Contact our Business Development team at (800) 783-5206 Press #2 or

Do you have a login and password to access the Agent Tools section of our website? For our independent agents, you should leverage this secure portal to utilize annuity and income rider comparison tools, generate life insurance quotes, access long-term care resources, submit term life quotes, and access our multiple calculators.

For wholesalers, you also can request a customized recruiter portal for your agents and prospects with these same agent tools but branded with your logo and contact information. You can add this link to your website and register agents to also get access to AIPMA’s Champions series training and sales portals for term life insurance, Medicare supplements, and final expense.

While AIPMA could share a couple of additional information nuggets, we want to focus on the future instead of the past by focusing on how we can complement your sales strategy for the second half of 2021 with our carriers, products, resources, and marketing efforts. What can AIPMA do to help you?

Contact our team at (800) 783-5206 Press #2 or email Your Growth is Our Commitment!

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