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Looking to Promote Annuities to Your Clients and Prospects?

AIP Marketing Alliance, an Integrity Company, receives multiple requests from our independent wholesalers and agents asking how they can market annuities and life insurance products to their clients and prospects. Some agents are using email campaigns; others leverage the free platforms on social media like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

While the email platform or social media site is in place, the conversation turns quickly into, “What do you have that I can share?” AIPMA’s marketing team then sends a couple of really good websites for life insurance (Life Happens) or annuities (Alliance for Lifetime Income or AnnuRetirement) as starting points.

The next step depends on the carriers they are contracted with through AIPMA. Our marketing team has noticed some amazing agent-approved and consumer-approved materials from top-rated carriers to use for email marketing and social media. Some of these carriers even have a Campaign in a Box type program with compliant content.

Not to overstep those valuable resources above, but AIPMA’s marketing team thought, “Why aren’t we offering a Campaign in a Box program to our dedicated wholesalers and agents to help them promote annuities to their consumer clients and prospects?”

Well, now we are. The first Campaign in a Box, focused on annuities, features compliance reviewed email marketing content and social media posts (text, graphics, and videos!), all accessible in one PDF document. You can copy the content, paste it into your platform, download the graphics and videos, and send/post at your pace (weekly, every other week, monthly, etc.).

“You have selected AIPMA as your insurance product distributor for many reasons, and we believe developing and offering creative content to our independent wholesalers and agents will drive more consumers to purchase annuities and other financial products from them,” said Darron Markwood, Vice President of Marketing. “We are addressing a growing need in the insurance industry to reach a younger audience by leveraging social media’s reach and tools.”

Throughout 2022, AIPMA also will release some more Campaign in a Box type programs as we currently are finalizing resources for conducting Life Insurance Policy Reviews (LIPRs) and researching some other concepts (life insurance, Medicare supplements, Indexed Universal Life, etc.). The LIPR campaign and website should be launched in May.

“I’m also open to other products and ideas as we want to create compliant, professional marketing materials for our valued wholesalers and agents as AIPMA has the marketing resources to make this happen,” Markwood added. “Remember, your growth is our commitment!”

If you would like the Annuity Campaign in a Box resources, please contact AIPMA’s Business Development team at (800) 783-5206 Press #2. You also can contact Darron Markwood at to submit ideas and discuss this program.

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