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Keeping in Touch with Clients: Reviewing Their Retirement Planning

As the world continues to change and adapt, one thing hasn’t changed in the insurance industry – your clients really need your help. Whether it was 10 years ago or even a couple of years have passed, your clients know they have a life insurance policy or an annuity, but they might not know much about their selected product.

Will their “old” life insurance policy benefit them better than the new life insurance products out today? Is their annuity earning accumulation compared to current products available? Would your client know what to do if something happened to their spouse or significant other?

Well, the time is now to open that conversation with ALL of your clients. Your role is to guide and protect them as they rely on you to review their selected products and provide better options if available.

In those famous industry words, it’s time to schedule a “policy review” with your clients. A policy review opens up the opportunity to re-engage with your client and should occur on an annual basis. You will notice AIP Marketing Alliance did not say “life insurance policy review” as you may want to look over their other retirement products (annuities, Medicare supplements, long-term care, etc.).

How can you open up those policy review conversations?

  • Life Insurance: With COVID-19 variants still affecting our lives, more consumers are concerned about long-term care insurance, and newer life insurance products have LTC riders available. For older policies, you can discuss how life insurance has changed from the “old” insurance focused on beneficiaries and leaving a legacy to the “new” insurance using death benefits while they are alive to cover medical costs. Another conversation, if they choose to change their life insurance, involves how accelerated underwriting without blood/urine requirements can make the application/transition process much easier than “the old way.”
  • Annuities: Do you have clients with older annuities that currently are not gaining much interest? Carriers have client bonus programs and flexible products designed for accumulation with protection against stock market fluctuations. If they don’t need the money now, you can move their initial premium and accumulated interest into a new product with a potentially higher interest rate. You even can run an illustration before your meeting showing the current product vs. newer annuity options.
  • Medicare Supplements: Are your clients getting close to age 65? Do they understand their Medicare options? Believe it or not, Medicare can be confusing due to the multiple options available and what is exactly covered. AIPMA has Senior Health Shop with licensed consultants available to answer questions, run quotes comparing top-rated carriers in their zip code, and discuss options for your clients through our referral program. This service is free! The Annual Enrollment Period will start October 15th!

A common complaint from consumers is their agent did not follow up or stay in touch with people after they delivered a life insurance policy or annuity. The need for ongoing policy reviews exists, and the public wants their agents’ help. Scheduling a conversation to review their policies provides a great opportunity to help your clients keep their coverage consistent with their goals.

If you need assistance, AIPMA has created Life Insurance Policy review forms to assist you in asking the right questions during that conversation with your clients. Contact our Business Development team at (800) 783-5206 Press #2 or email

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