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How to Turn Your Agents Into Your Champions!

As an independent wholesaler, you understand the competitive nature of retaining clients, gaining prospects, and standing out from other captive and independent insurance agents. In sales, everyone is looking for that competitive edge to make a difference during that initial or follow-up sales call with a client or prospect.

What are you doing to make your agency stand out? A common trend right now involves diversifying the products that insurance agents sell to their clients instead of focusing on a bread and butter philosophy of selling one product line. For example, an agent doesn’t just sell life insurance anymore; he/she sells additional financial products that may affect their clients sometime throughout their lifetime.

This philosophy has grown during the last decade. Competitors will try to use one product to generate a sales conversation, and once they sell that product to a client, they will try to open the doors to selling other products (i.e., life insurance policy review, final expenses, etc.).

That’s where AIP Marketing Alliance has the resources to help your agents become well-rounded champions for your agency and offer additional products to potentially generate more sales. AIPMA created our non-branded Champions Series sites as training and sales support portals for your agents’ use.

AIPMA currently has three different Champions sites available for your use with access to carriers, online training, consumer sales tools, and materials to support your sales strategy.

To get your agents started, AIPMA’s Business Development team can create your specific registration code so that you can approve and grant access to each of your agents to one or all of the Champions’ websites. Our Case Management team also can assist with getting them contracted with final expense and Medicare carriers through our SureLC system.

As a reminder, AIPMA also can assist you in starting to sell annuities, life insurance, long-term care standalone and hybrid products, and disability insurance. Plus, our myAIP CRM platform and customizable recruiter portals are designed just for AIPMA’s member agencies. If you need a registered investment advisor (RIA), AIPMA is aligned with Guardian Pointe Private Wealth Management to assist with a holistic approach to wealth management.

Do you think adding a secondary product line would help your agency? What AIPMA tools would help your agents and your business overall? Contact our Business Development team at (800) 783-5206 Press #2 or email to request more information about our Champions Series, RIA services, CRM platform, and online resources.

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