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Case Study: Life Insurance Pay to Age 65

When your client decides to purchase a life insurance policy, he or she needs to determine how to fit this expense into a budget with a mortgage, vehicles, education, utilities, and multiple other costs. Sometimes, a decision becomes over cost now vs. potentially saving money in the future.

AIP Marketing Alliance has created a new case study on life insurance pay to age 65, where we introduce you to George, who now lives in his 80s with a $100,000 permanent life insurance policy. We show some of the choices George made and how he could have saved money during his retirement.

The idea revolves around leveraging income-generating years vs. retirement years. Most people will have reduced income during retirement. What if you could set your client up with a permanent life policy paid up at age 65 and would not require premium payments during retirement?

This new case study breaks down the numbers and shows how income-generating years with a little higher premium price could help your client prepare for their future.

Contact our Business Development team at (800) 783-5206 Press #2 or to get this case study. Our marketing team also can customize this document with your information.

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