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Bill Booser Joins AIPMA as Regional Director

AIP Marketing Alliance is pleased to announce the appointment of Bill Booser in the position of Regional Director. In this role, Bill will continue to deliver life insurance, annuity, and final expense insurance resources to his downline agents and recruit new independent wholesalers and agents.

“Bill is an industry veteran who understands the insurance industry and wants to leverage all of AIPMA’s services directly – including our experienced case management team and in-house sales and marketing support,” said Rick Kisser, Chief Executive Officer of AIPMA. “He sees how AIPMA continues to serve as an industry leader in the FMO/IMO/BGA space and is joining our Regional Directors to strengthen his brand and servicing capabilities. We welcome Bill to our team!”

After getting his start with Prudential in 1991, Bill opened his Florida insurance agency in 1996. Within five years, Bill grew his operation to start National Annuities and Life Sales (NALS), an Independent Marketing Organization based in Florida that serviced more than 4,000 agents nationwide.

Bill aligned NALS with AIPMA in 2010. For the last decade, AIPMA and NALS have grown his business through access to AIPMA’s 60+ top-rated insurance carriers, technology resources including the myAIP CRM system, and sales and training portals.

“AIPMA and the Kisser family have a positive reputation within our industry for treating independent wholesalers and agents with professionalism – and like a part of their family,” Bill said. “After ten years in our business relationship, I’m glad to join this team as a Regional Director and look forward to continuing our success together.”

If you would like to contact Regional Director Bill Booser, you can call him at (877) 208-4308 or email at

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