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Are You One of AIPMA’s 500 Followers on LinkedIn?

AIP Marketing Alliance has spent more than 40 years providing financial solutions to independent insurance wholesalers nationwide through carrier relationships, multiple product lines, technology, and professional team members. We pride ourselves in offering annuities, life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, final expense, and other products your clients and prospects need to protect their retirement and their loved ones.

In this crowded marketplace, AIPMA tries to stand out through our positive reputation as our business thrives off referrals from other AIPMA downline wholesalers, leads from Integrity Marketing Group, or finding our website or social media sites in a Google search.

That’s why we’re super excited to announce we’ve reached 500 followers on LinkedIn (for the moment). To most social media companies, that number may only feel like a drop in the bucket compared to some of the larger companies with the budget and resources to get millions of followers online.

For our marketing team, we leverage our internal resources to grow AIPMA’s followers organically through original content, industry resources, and even a few carriers contributing to our social media pages and blog.

Social media also has many challenges within the insurance industry.

  • Targeting prospects/clients: AIPMA does not work directly with consumers as our goal involves helping independent wholesalers and agents grow their business through our resources. We share content focused on agents – not consumers – so our website and social media presence has to reflect that marketing. You won’t find a “paid service” that can target wholesalers very easily on social media platforms.
  • Compliance: The insurance industry is built on this foundation. Most carrier resources are approved for financial professionals or insurance agents only and cannot be shared publicly. Developing content can become a challenge, so AIPMA’s marketing team finds ways to get the message out while also protecting the content from consumers. It’s a tough line to draw in the sand at times, but we believe in following the rules at AIPMA.
  • Protecting Your Brand: Sometimes, one little slip-up could cause major ramifications for a company. If you’ve seen the news, you’ve seen how one marketing campaign, email, video, or social media post can devastate a company’s brand. We do everything we can to stay compliant and avoid any potential issues with our posts.
  • Wording: Let’s just say you won’t see AIPMA’s content use these words too often: “always,” “never,” and “must.” You will see “could,” “may,” and “sometimes.” You also may see a few disclaimers within our content and articles for that reason. It’s also difficult to make life insurance and annuities “interesting.” 😊

The 500 followers on LinkedIn combined with almost 200 subscribers to our LinkedIn newsletter makes our marketing team happy (NOTE: AIPMA was one of the first insurance-related companies to use LinkedIn Newsletters). These numbers indicate how we are reaching our target audiences, keeping them interested in AIPMA, and maintaining communication through other outlets besides phone calls and email marketing.

With that in mind, Vice President of Marketing Darron Markwood recorded a video thanking our followers and subscribers for helping us reach this goal as we hope to double that number during the next couple of years. We appreciate your support and invite you to email us at with any ideas or feedback.

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For more than 40 years, AIP Marketing Alliance (AIPMA) serves as a premier life insurance and annuity distribution partner to provide full-service support to independent wholesalers, brokerages and agents from our Troy, Michigan office. Copyright 2023