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AIPMA Swings into Integrity’s Spring Training 2023!

AIP Marketing Alliance’s employees swung for the fences, scarfed down some hot dogs and popcorn, and added some new Integrity Marketing Group swag as a part of this year’s Integrity Spring Training. As part of this five-week program, all Integrity employees took some time to review Integrity’s Core Values and compliance training as well as show some team spirit through team huddles.

What Is Integrity Spring Training? Integrity’s annual employee program helps improve our processes and strengthen our teams through weekly trainings and certifications. The program offers an engaging combination of employee policy reviews, compliance awareness trainings, updates from People & Culture and more. But it also adds a ton of fun by providing great team-building activities, exciting competitions, snack-filled “team huddles” and cool Integrity swag.

The training sessions and team huddles focus on Integrity’s five Core Values: Family, Respect, Integrity, Service, and Partnership. In terms of training, employees completed topics including Employee Handbook review, Insurance 101 and Wealth Management 101, Respectful Workplace Training, and required compliance training for HIPAA & CCPA, information security and CMS, outbound communication and marketing, antitrust policy, and general compliance.

AIPMA’s management team hit a home run with our employees during our first team huddle with a hot dog and popcorn stand event shown in the photos above. Our team also took a couple swings in a home run derby contest outside as we took swings at marshmallow baseballs to see who could hit one the farthest.

After Memorial Day weekend, the second team scheduled huddle will consist of a drink/root beer float bar event to cool down in the hot summer weather.

Throughout the Integrity Spring Training event, AIPMA’s team also received some new baseball-themed Integrity swag consisting of Integrity logo baseballs and wooden bats, a light up pint glass, ball toss game, and a water bottle sling.

Thank you to all of AIPMA’s employees for completing this year’s Integrity Spring Training as we hope you enjoyed the mix of training and fun events. Our management team also appreciates you completing the online training courses to keep AIPMA compliant and informed on important topics like HIPAA and CCPA and having a respectful workplace within our office area.

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