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AIPMA Helps Raise $300k for Breast Cancer Awareness

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, AIP Marketing Alliance and AIP Financial Services helped the Real Men Wear Pink of Oakland County raise more than $300,000 for the American Cancer Society during their annual October donation drive.

Michigan’s Real Men Wear Pink of Oakland County ranked second in the nation this year with Darron Markwood, Vice President of Marketing at AIPMA, and Brian Kurtz, President of AIP Financial Services, both ranking in the top 5 donors for this event.

The Real Men Wear Pink of Oakland County consists of a distinguished group of community leaders determined to raise awareness and money to support the American Cancer Society's mission and save more lives than ever before from breast cancer. This year’s group had 21 total members.

“For many years, I’ve supported the American Cancer Society as I’ve had many friends and family members affected by breast cancer,” Markwood said. “I could not have reached my goal without the support of the AIPMA team as they attended the fundraising events and donated to both of our campaigns. It’s a great feeling to have that support within our office.”

Markwood hosted a few different fundraising events including a Pink Out the Punk fundraiser at Steampunk Tap Room and Bottle Shop and a golfing fundraiser at Sanctuary Lake Golf Club. With a goal of $2,500, he was able to raise more than $6,000 through these events, AIPMA’s Casual for a Cause program, and online donations.

“I wanted to be a part of Real Men Wear Pink and raise funds to fight cancer, it felt like a chance to hit back a little,” Kurtz said. “Instead of simply letting this disease take its toll on my family, as I know it has on many of yours, this campaign allowed me to feel like I was trying to make a difference.”

Kurtz lost a niece to cancer at age 24 six years ago. His stepmother beat breast cancer three years ago, and this year, his sister-in-law spent 21 days at Karmanos “going through hell” fighting her own battle.

“Darron and I were both in the Top 5 in Oakland County,” he added. “That kind of result doesn’t come without a ton of support, and you folks (at AIPMA) provided it. We are a special team here.”

Next year, Darron and Brian both hope to be involved again in the Real Men Wear Pink of Oakland County as we continue to support the American Cancer Society’s efforts in Michigan.

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