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AIPMA Can Provide a Customized Portal for Your Agents

For independent insurance wholesalers, AIP Marketing Alliance believes in providing multiple resources designed to grow your business, including access to more than 60 carrier relationships, full-service business development, and case management teams, and a proprietary CRM platform specifically built for tracking your agents and their activity.

One popular feature that continues to evolve is AIPMA’s customizable recruiter portal. Fueled by myAIP, YOU decide on what products (annuity, life insurance, LTC) and training (Champions sites) to promote to your agents. Our marketing team also coordinates adding your logo, e-contracting link, social media sites, and contact information to set up this fully functional online tool for your downline agents.

AIPMA leverages online applications like iPipeline, iGO, Beacon Annuity Search, SureLC, and other recognized insurance tools all in one place on your portal. Our team also develops in-house produced materials including Hybrid Life/LTC Comparison Chart, Annuity Virtual Training, Accelerated Underwriting Guides, and much more. The best part is our marketing team also can customize these documents to your agency by adding logos, contracted carriers, and contact information.

You can see what a sample portal looks like by logging into and clicking on Agent Tools. AIPMA’s Business Development team also can schedule a tour of sample recruiter portals and our myAIP system for you and your team. To schedule a demo or get login credentials, please contact our Business Development team at (800) 783-5206 or email

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For more than 40 years, AIP Marketing Alliance (AIPMA) serves as a premier life insurance and annuity distribution partner to provide full-service support to independent wholesalers, brokerages and agents from our Troy, Michigan office. Copyright 2023