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2022 Planning Series – Training Portals for Your Agents

With the busy day-to-day activities, agents sometimes find themselves pressed for time due to appointments, quoting pricing, running illustrations, phone calls, checking application status, and everything else involved in the life insurance and annuity sales process.

Honestly, the busy nature of being an insurance agent or financial advisor doesn’t leave much time for other tasks, including training. Due to COVID-19, more people are getting “Zoomed” or “WebEx-ed” out as spending an hour or less in an online meeting becomes difficult on the priority list.

Agents and advisors also understand how competitive the insurance market has become as more financial professionals try to become “well-rounded” by diversifying their product offerings. Instead of segmenting into one specific product line, agents and advisors are adding more products as their clients become more focused on preparing for retirement, healthcare expenses during those retirement years, and leaving a legacy to their loved ones without the financial burden caused by final expenses and funeral arrangements.

In this part of our 2022 Planning Series, AIP Marketing Alliance wants to make training and selling additional financial products much easier for you and your downline agents. Our team has seen more interest in on-demand sales training, so we continue to grow the Champions series of portals as a way to incorporate video training, contracting, and sales tools into one location for agents.

Currently, AIPMA has three Champions sales/training portals available for the following products.

  • Final Expense Champions: This site explains the simple process for selling final expense life insurance products, including pre-qualified lead vendors, a quoting tool using AIPMA-contracted carriers, and e-app links and instructions to streamline the process. Final expense insurance typically does not require parameds (blood/urine) and becomes an option for clients turned down for standard life insurance products.
  • Medicare Supplement Champions: Once consumers turn age 65, they become eligible for Medicare. This portal focuses on the resources agents need to start selling these products. AIPMA has multiple top-rated carriers, quoting tools, and video training to explain Medicare’s parts as well as options for your clients. Note: Agents/advisors wanting to sell Medicare products must pass required training to meet CMS requirements.
  • Term Life Champions: More consumers are looking for an affordable life insurance product that doesn’t require parameds or other application requirements. Term life insurance has evolved into a quicker, easier application process as AIPMA has added e-apps and methods to make this easier for you and your clients. This site includes an Instant Agent program, carrier links, and additional training and sales tools for selling term life.

You control the agent access to one or any of the portals as you set a specific promo code for each agent/advisor to register for using these Champions sites. Some of our wholesalers even have leveraged these training portals as recruitment tools.

Would you like an online demo of any of the Champions websites? Do you think these training portals can add a few more product options to your agent’s sales pitch? Contact the AIPMA Business Development team at (800) 783-5206 Press #2 or

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