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2022 Planning Series – Expanding Services for Your Agents

In this part of our 2022 Planning Series, AIP Marketing Alliance understands the competitive nature of the financial services industry as you need resources to keep your agency competitive in today's marketplace. Everyone pays commissions. Everyone has carriers and products.

Most wholesalers need more than "higher commission" as a recruitment tool, as today's agents are usually looking for "more value" from their BGA/wholesaler on a consistent basis. What differentiators would make you stand out from your competition? What tools would help you recruit more agents and retain your current agents?

AIPMA Alliance provides multiple resources designed to help you protect your downline and ward off competitors' recruitment efforts. We have used our 40 years of experience to develop these tools to keep you and your team competitive in today's market, as your growth is our commitment!

  • myAIP CRM Platform: AIP Marketing Alliance has built an insurance-focused CRM platform to track insurance and annuity products. This myAIP application is available at no cost to agencies and allows you to track contracting and applications online 24/7/365.
  • Lead Sources: To assist you with selling life insurance and annuity products, AIP Marketing Alliance has negotiated competitive pricing for lead generation programs with a few select, reputable companies. We have determined these companies will provide AIPMA's wholesalers and agents with qualified leads in the life insurance, annuity, and final expense verticals.
  • Agent Recruitment: How do you recruit agents? Through myAIP, AIPMA can build this website to become your customizable online tool for your agents to access life insurance term quotes, annuity quotes, online contracting, underwriting guidelines, forms, and much more. AIPMA also can brand this site with your logo, contact information, and social media links. AIPMA also has access to independent agent databases to generate agent lists and in-house marketing to support your email, social media, direct mail, and other recruiting efforts.
  • Guardian Pointe Private Wealth Management: Are you losing agents to Registered Investment Advisors? Some RIAs lure agents into their fold with specific products but then are required to use a different agency for selling life insurance and annuity products. Guardian Pointe is AIPMA's in-house RIA created to protect your agency and valued agents. We've also built the tools necessary to get your agents licensed to sell securities and the applications and software to keep them balanced and competitive in the market.
  • Senior Health Shop: As a division of AIP Marketing Alliance (AIPMA), Senior Health Shop specializes in Medicare supplements and other health insurance plans for your clients turning 65 or are over 65. Our goal involves directly helping your valued clients reach their health insurance goals by providing education and healthcare plan options to fit their current situation. This service is free to your clients.
  • In-House Marketing: AIPMA's team provides independent agencies and agents with resources for their downline agents. We've built websites, email campaigns, social media graphics, PDF flyers, presentations, recruitment postcards, training videos, and more! The best part is AIPMA's marketing team designs these pieces using your logo and colors to maintain your brand. We also can coordinate webinars and carrier-specific resources through most of our insurance carrier relationships.

Today's agencies and agents are looking for more ways to retain and communicate with their clients. AIPMA has the differentiators to help your agents initiate the conversation with your current clients or prospecting list based on their current needs for financial services. Besides, we also have more than 60 carrier relationships to balance out those needs too.

If you are interested in learning more about AIPMA's resources, please contact the AIPMA Business Development team at (800) 783-5206 Press #2 or We can have a conversation about our capabilities and schedule an online demonstration of these resources.

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