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2022 Planning Series: Choosing Your Style and Resources

AIP Marketing Alliance has shared a lot of ideas and resources during our recent 2022 Planning Series blogs, and now our team hopes you will take the next steps to leverage AIPMA as your selected distributor for life insurance, annuities, and other consumer financial products.

In the previous blogs, AIP Marketing Alliance has focused on our carrier relationships, products, resources, services, and much more. Now, we focus on the most important part – our membership styles. Based on more than 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, AIPMA understands how flexibility becomes essential when a prospective wholesaler makes a choice for their agents.

Each agency has different needs to grow its business. Some need access to top-rated insurance carriers. Others need a full-service resource with case management and business development to help their agents get contracted, generate illustrations and quotes, assist with applications, and track cases. Some need both carriers and service! AIPMA's team is here to provide the support, tools, and products for your agency to prosper and stay competitive in the market.

We do not offer a cookie-cutter program for every agency/wholesaler. Instead, AIPMA wants to understand your business model, how you interact with your downline, and how your agents could benefit from our resources. That's why we start with a conversation to learn about your business and find an agency style that aligns with your strategy!

Agency Styles

  • STYLE-1 – Wholesale distributors looking for minimal service assistance: AIPMA's Style-1 members enjoy more of a "background" approach to our services. Style-1 is reserved for those Agencies who already have staff and the expertise in place to run a full-scale FMO/IMO/BGA – but need AIPMA's assistance accessing certain product lines, top-rated carriers, and/or require a CRM system to track their business.
  • STYLE-2 – Wholesale distributors looking for full-scale service options: Style-2 agencies enjoy a much more 'hands-on' approach and have a full range of our services at their disposal. Their downline agents have full access to the entire AIPMA staff as we operate as your back office to help you support your agents' marketing activities.
  • HYBRID LEVEL – Personalized Membership Package: Do you need features from both of AIPMA's membership options based on your product lines and sales strategy? With more than 60 carriers and multiple product lines, AIPMA understands how our services can balance out your specific needs. A "hybrid" level member can structure their membership to utilize both styles based on carrier and product lines.

AIP Marketing Alliance also has a couple of options for independent smaller agencies looking to grow their business or individual retail agents.

  • AIP REGIONAL DIRECTOR – Wholesale distributors looking for a place to call home: Regional Directors operate independent agencies that are 100% committed to AIP Marketing Alliance in their specific regions and are responsible for recruiting and training agents to become part of their downline. Regional Directors carry the 'brand name' of AIP with access to the same back-office support of AIPMA's fully trained staff and national offering of carriers behind them.
  • RETAIL AGENTS – Are you a motivated, independent agent looking to take the next steps in your business career? AIPMA becomes your resource to learn and grow from our experienced team. When you align as a retail Agent with AIPMA, you receive a dedicated Business Development Representative and Regional Director designed to support your efforts.

Are you ready to take the next step with your agency? Looking for a nationally recognized insurance distributor to call home? AIP Marketing Alliance is ready to have the 2022 conversation – and beyond – on how our staff can become the difference-maker next year. Let's have a conversation and line up some options for you by scheduling an initial meeting with you and your team.

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